Day 99: A Day Focused on Recovery

It was nice getting nearly 8 hours of sleep last night. I don’t remember waking up throughout the night, though I'm not sure if I woke up briefly since my UP24 band had to charge. I forgot to plug it in earlier in the day and it had died before we went to bed.

My shoulders were sore from yesterday’s sprint intervals but after being awake for a while they started feeling better.

While waiting for Laura to wake up I watched Sunday NFL Countdown and spent time continuing to read “Unbreakable Runner”. 

We took Sasha for her morning walk, finished breakfast and then headed out to run errands. Being the final weekend home before we leave for Connecticut, there were a number of things to do. 

When we got back home we went for a 4+ mile walk. It took 1.25 hours to complete at an average pace of 18.3 minutes/mile.  

That is almost a full minute per mile faster than we had previously walked so that was nice, even for a leisurely Sunday walk. 

Throughout the walk my shoulders felt great with no soreness or other pain. Though it was a cloudy day I wore a baseball hat just in case to prevent any direct sunlight on my head scar. 

After we got back from our walk we went next door to the indoor pool and hot tub. 

I completed my shoulder exercises in the pool which was a nice change from using the Theraband or doing other home exercises. While I could (and should) use the pool more often, it seems that I only get over there once a week. 

Following my shoulder exercises I climbed into the hot tub to relax and give my muscles a chance to heal. It feels good to let the jets pound on my upper back and shoulders.

Later in the afternoon I used my TriggerPoint GRID to focus my mobilization work on my calves since I put them through their paces over the last couple of days. 

Tonight for dinner we made grass-fed filet mignon, cauliflower mash and prosciutto-wrapped roasted asparagus. It was our first time ordering meat from Good Eggs  The steaks were delicious (along with the rest of dinner). 

It was chilly enough in the Bay Area tonight that we made our first fire, though my fire-building skills needed a bit of dusting off. 

Tomorrow is a big day as I go for an MRI to see how my brain has been healing followed by an appointment with our neuro oncologist to determine next steps.