Day 97: So That's What 9 Hours of Sleep Feels Like

After waking up so early yesterday morning, last night I passed out for nearly 9 hours before climbing out of bed this morning. It is rare that I sleep for that long but it was exactly what I needed. 

I had several hours of meetings today so that’s how I spent the majority of my Friday. When not in meetings, I was dealing with contracts. Such is the time of the year. 

At least I was able to spend a majority of the day standing thanks to my Varidesk. I don’t have a standing desk in Santa Clara yet so I have spent the past 2 days sitting. 

I finished up my meetings and then headed off to physical therapy. 

My physical therapist was happy with how my shoulders are continuing to progress. I wasn’t able to get in any stretching or mobilization work yesterday.  

Usually that leaves my shoulders and elbows tight the next day but today they were fairly loose. 

We focused on stretching my shoulders and then using the TheraBand for internal and external elbow rotation. I was happy to have stepped up to the harder TheraBand for the first time. 

I have been having an unusual weird soreness on my right scar for the last couple of days.  

My physical therapist used KT Tape to see if that helps with the soreness. For fun he decided to alternate the tape between blue and pink going up my scar.  

After PT I went to the gym to get in another full-body resistance band workout - the same one as I completed on Tuesday. Tonight I increased the resistance band from the 2-4 lbs band to the 4-6 lbs band.  

It took approximately 25 minutes to make it through 3 rounds of the workout with 30 seconds rest between each round. It was hard, leaving me sweating but felt great to get in another workout. 

When I got back home from my workout I focused my mobilization work on my triceps and forearms.  

With the ongoing loss of feeling in the knife edge of my hands when I sleep, I’m hoping that focusing some effort on my arms will help to loosen everything up. 

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed healthy meals from Munchery  It makes for such an easy Friday night and allows us to relax more after a long week. 

While waiting for dinner to heat up, I finished reading “Off Course” and started reading “Unbreakable Runner” by T.J. Murphy and Brian MacKenzie. 

I’m looking forward to this book since Brian MacKenzie is the founder of CrossFit Endurance which is revolutionizing endurance sports. 

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on heading to a local high school track to test out my shoulders doing 100m or 200m repeats. 

I hope you’ve had a great week and planning something fun for the upcoming weekend!