Day 95: Out for Another Run

We had to wake up 1.5 hours earlier than usual today so that we could beat rush hour traffic heading down to Santa Clara/San Jose. Even with waking up earlier and waking up 3 times throughout the night, I was able to get 6.5 hours of sleep. 

It’s not my nightly goal but not bad considering all of the factors. 

I didn’t wake up sore from my resistance band workout last night. I wonder if delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will set in overnight tonight. 

Fortunately we made it down to Santa Clara in 1.25 hours. As soon as I got into the office I settled in to focus on a big presentation that I have tomorrow morning. There’s nothing that says “you’re back to full-time” quite like presenting in front of a 150-250 of your colleagues.  

After working on my presentation for most of the day and catching up with another couple of colleagues, we hopped back on the road to head home. 

We beat the majority of rush hour traffic on the way home so I decided to go for an evening run. I took the same path as I did on Saturday since it is right outside of our house and would give me a comparison. 

To ensure that I ran a slower pace than I did on Saturday I used the MapMyFitness app with the Live Coaching mode on so that it would keep me paced at 10:00 minutes/mile. Though at points I was running faster than the pace (a range of 8:20-9:45 minutes/mile) I finished the run at an average of 10:10 minutes/mile. Success. 

Again my shoulders felt good throughout the run. Every once in a while I had to straighten my right arm out to reset it. I also had to be conscious of not running with my arms too stiff against my body. But other than those two minor things it was a great run. 

I’m still not able to take off a compression shirt by myself but I’m making progress on it every time. 

This Saturday my goal is to head to a local track to try 100m or 200m repeats. I’ll have to wait until I wake up and see how I feel before deciding which repeat I’ll try. That will put a lot of stress on my shoulders but hoping that I’m able to do it.

Once back home I spent time going through ankle and calf mobilizations to help with soreness. I also spent time reading more of “Off Course” which I am nearing the end of. If you are a fan of obstacle course racing then I highly recommend it. 

Overall it was a good day and my shoulders felt great. Tomorrow is another trip down to Santa Clara/San Jose for us so we are heading to bed early again.