Day 93: My First Full Day Back at Work

Though I slept an hour less than the previous night even with going for such a long walk yesterday, I woke up feeling great.

While my sleep has mostly stabilized, I am still waking up an average of a 2-3 times per night and having restless moments throughout the night.  

In many ways I have become used to it so it isn’t affecting me as much but I continue to do everything I can to achieve optimal sleep while dealing with some of the issues with recovering. 

I was still really sore from my run on Saturday and the long walk yesterday so I decided to take today to rest.  

To aid with recovery I used a lacrosse ball for foot mobilization work this morning. I typically try doing my mobilization work post-workout or in the evening but today I was sore enough to warrant an earlier dose of lacrosse ball medicine. 

I’m hoping that tomorrow I can push through any remaining soreness to try my first full total body resistance band workout. Completing that workout is my next big fitness goal.  

Today was my first full day back at work. Though I had been working fairly full days last week, today it was official. The short-term disability is over and it’s game on at full speed. 

I had a couple of meetings but tried to keep most of my time blocked off to work on an important presentation I have on Thursday. I also wanted to take care of a few lower priority that had to be tackled. 

I felt great throughout the day. The slow ramp up over the last few weeks was good to allow me to work my way back to full speed.  

I decided to wear my Citrix Social Media team t-shirt today. It felt fitting because the Thursday and Friday before I was admitted into the hospital we had a team offsite where we gave our team these shirts.  

I hadn’t worn the t-shirt since we received them and it was nice to wear it for the first time.

I have used different things to celebrate achieving certain milestones throughout my recovery such as the running sneakers on Saturday and the t-shirt today. It has helped make those achievements feel even more special. 

A big thank you to Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer for the very nice gifts that they sent today. Scott and Alison are wonderful people and dear friends who I cherish any time I get to spend with them.  

I was scheduled for physical therapy this afternoon but we had to move the appointment to tomorrow. To get in my physical therapy I did TheraBand work to help increase external and internal rotation in my elbows. 

While my shoulder mobility has continued to increase, I continue to have issues with elbow rotation, especially external rotation. 

Tomorrow morning we go back to meet with the orthopedic surgeon for another check up. This means that it has been 6 weeks since transitioning to active physical therapy.