Day 92: Waking Up Limping

Last night was far better than previous nights. I slept through the majority of the night before I woke up a couple times between 4:00-6:00a. 

When I climbed out of bed for the day my entire lower body was sore from yesterday’s run so I decided not to do the resistance band workout I was planning. 

Once Laura woke up we ran a few errands before coming back home to head out for a walk. 

After having it downloaded for a few weeks I finally decided to try MapMyFitness for our walk. 

I really enjoyed the live tracking. Previously I always used my UP band but I wouldn’t know the totals until ending the walk/run. With MapMyFitness I can track in real-time while also syncing with the UP app. 

I’m looking forward to using it for my next run since it will tell you your time splits in real-time as you’re running. 

Today’s walk totaled 7.59 miles and took us around 2.5 hours. For those familiar with Marin County, we ended up walking from Mill Valley to downtown Sausalito and back. 

After waking up sore from my first run yesterday, the long walk ensured that I limped back upstairs once we got home. I had to spend quality time stretching my legs and that only marginally helped. 

Since suffering my injuries, one of my goals for 2015 was to sign up for a Spartan Race.   

After years of being a Spartan fan, I decided that a Spartan Race would be a goal for ensuring that my shoulders have fully healed.  

A couple of days ago the AT&T Park Spartan Sprint was announced and tonight I signed up.  

It is still 250 days away on July 18, 2015 but signing up early sets my sights on it and will ensure I’m working towards the event.  

Though 8 months away, it is a bit terrifying since so many of the obstacles will require shoulder mobility. But, with how fast I’m progressing now, I took a deep breath and registered. 

Tonight for dinner we made Asian chicken lettuce wraps and quinoa fried rice. Both dishes take a while to prepare but are fun,  delicious and healthy to eat. 

This week is my official return to full-time at work. While I have been increasing my hours for the last 1.5 weeks, the governor switch is coming off this week. 

This evening I have spent time thinking through what my new ideal week will be moving forward. Documenting my ideal week is an invaluable tool in helping me to find margin and when time blocking my calendar each week. 

As another weekend winds down, I am looking forward to the week ahead including a follow-up visit with our orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.