Day 91: Going Out for My First Run

It was another restless night for me waking up several times throughout the night before finally getting out of bed at 6:00a. 

While Laura slept I decided that today would be the first day after my injuries that I would try going for a run.

laced up a pair of Nike running sneakers that my buddy, Ben Samples, had sent me while I was in the hospital, took my pre-workout drink, fired up my playlist and headed out.

I spent the first few minutes warming up my legs before actually starting my run. I was happy that the forefoot striking that I have been practicing while walking translated into my running since that was the goal. 

It was a beautiful morning across San Francisco and it was great watching the sunrise as I ran along the water.

I purposely tried to run slower but even with multiple hills, a warm up and cool down, I still ended up clocking an average of 9.2 minutes/mile. I totaled 3.25 miles in 30 minutes.

While the run definitely pushed my body after not doing much over the last few months, it felt great to get outside and sweat. Also, my shoulders didn’t hurt except for some minor soreness in my right shoulder as I pumped my arms more going up hills.

When I got back home I realized that, while I could get my sleeveless Under Armour compression shirt on, taking it off was another issue. I ended up keeping it on until Laura woke up and could actually help take it off.

Since I was approved to start driving again, when we ventured out for bagels and coffee this morning I drove.

I had to make some adjustments to how I typically drive to make it more comfortable for my shoulders but other than that, I felt great.

Cheat day was epic as always with bagels for breakfast and pizza and beer for lunch.

We just hung out at home for the afternoon. I spent some time reading "Off Course” and watching a CreativeLive session with Kelly Starrett.

For dinner tonight we went out to a new place for us, the Farley Bar at Cavallo Point, thanks to my friends and amazing partners at Twitter, Alexandra Syme and Jason Rand, who had sent us a gift card. The food was incredible and the views even more spectacular.

After a wonderful Saturday we’re now back home relaxing. 

Depending on how I feel when I wake up will determine if I go for a workout tomorrow morning. I’m hoping to push my body even harder tomorrow.