Day 89: An Exhausting Day of Driving

After staying up a bit later than planned and having an early alarm set this morning, I only slept for 6 hours with 2.5 hours of that being deep sleep. Though I only woke up once during the night, I felt restless throughout the night.

When I woke up and stepped out of bed my quads were already sore from the squat to curls from yesterday. It didn’t even take the normal two days. Throughout the day my legs continued to get more sore.  

It felt great to feel sore from working out again. I know, I’m weird. 

After the different exercises yesterday my shoulders weren’t sore. That made me happy since I was concerned about that. 

If my shoulders were sore in a negative way then that would have concerned me. Since that didn’t happen I am looking forward to continuing to push my fitness after all of yesterday’s good news. 

We had a soul-crushing two hour drive down to my office this morning. It is usually around a 1.5 hour drive so that additional 30 minutes drained both of us especially since it was being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

I had a great day in my office. I was able to get a bit of work in this morning but ended up taking time to catch up with a couple colleagues that I hadn’t seen yet since coming back. I spent the afternoon in back-to-back meetings before Laura came to pick me up. 

My office is still mostly covered in the “Welcome Back” decorations. I decided to leave them up because it makes me smile while I’m there. I’m sure I’ll take them down eventually but for now I’m keeping them up. 

The drive back home took about 1.75 hours so it added up to 4-5 hours, including Laura’s drive time between offices, of being in the car today. 

When we got home we were both so exhausted that we decided to run out for dinner. We grabbed salads and red wine at a local Italian restaurant. While delicious, having red wine when you’re already exhausted only helps you to get sleepier. 

Since getting back home I have been trying to stay awake. One perk of being an adult is the ability to go to sleep at 8:30p if you want to so that is exactly what I’m going to do. It’s time to take my pre-bed protein and crash. 

Tomorrow morning is the DMV reexamination meeting. I’m hoping that goes well. I’m going into it not knowing what will happen during it but staying positive.