Day 87: From a Zip-Up Hoodie to a Button-Down Shirt

Even though I woke up 45 minutes earlier than usual and woke up 3 times throughout the night (like usual, ugh), I still got 7 hours of sleep. It makes me happy that I am consistently getting between 7-8 hours of sleep though I’d prefer not to continue waking up multiple times throughout the night. 

To follow up on yesterday’s accomplishment, this morning I put on a button-down shirt by myself. It doesn't stretch quite like a zip-up hoodie does but I was still able to work it up my arms. 

It was my first time wearing a button-down since going into the hospital. Though I could have asked Laura to help me previously, I was concerned about having to tuck it in. I was also concerned about it being too big on me with the muscle loss.

We headed down to our offices this morning. Today was a back-to-back meeting day for me. In between any breaks from meetings were filled with catching up with team members who I didn’t see last time I was there 2 weeks ago. 

Part of the reason I was in Santa Clara today was for our annual Health & Wellness Expo.

If we get a health screening we receive an additional $300 contributed into our HSA/FSA. I would take advantage of that no matter what but given what the past couple of months have had in store for us, there was no way I was leaving money on the table that can be used for healthcare. 

But, with any traditional health screening comes the usual conversation about BMI. BMI is an outdated concept that is typically inaccurate for athletes. A rant on BMI could be an entire article by itself.

After going through my health screening I had to update my health assessment profile on our insurance provider’s website. Even funnier than BMI was that they set a goal weight for my height (6’2”) of 146-194 pounds.  

When I weighed 185 pounds after coming out of surgery I was incredibly thin. I can’t imagine what losing even another 20 pounds more would have been like! 

Once I finished my meetings and Laura wrapped up her day we made the trek back to Marin County. Surprisingly we made it home in pretty good time. And by "good time" I mean 1.75 hours. 

After being in the car for nearly 4 hours, being in meetings all day, not getting anything else done and the sun setting while we were driving home, I am wiped out tonight.  

It was wonderful to catch up with and see more friends today, all of whom have been extremely supportive during my recovery.