Day 86: Putting on a Zip-Up Hoodie By Myself

I missed 7 hours of sleep last night by only 4 minutes. Though that’s not terrible, it was an up and down night with me waking up 3-4 times and waking up at least 15 minutes before the alarm went off. 

I also woke up with my sleep mask wrapped around my hand. I’m not sure when or how that happened but that didn’t help much once the sun started shining in extra early due to the time change.

This morning I had another small win: putting on a zip-up hoodie without any help. 

It was a contorted wiggle to help work it up my arms and get it over my shoulders which I’m sure would have been amusing to watch. 

It doesn’t matter how I had to do it though, what matters is that I was able to do it. Hopefully I’ll be able to continually improve on it now that I’ve successfully done it once.

Late last week I ordered Nuun All Day Hydration tablets and started using them today. They help to ensure that the water that you’re drinking you’re actually absorbing. I tried two different flavors and they were both good. The instructions state to use one tablet for every 16 oz of water but I used a single tablet with 32 oz of water and it still tasted great.

Before I got my morning of meetings started I had the fun of going through more medical bills that came in during the last few days. 

While our insurance company has been great so far, there have been a couple of areas that they continue to frustrate me with. I had to call them to dispute a claim and send it back through to be re-processed. 

Suffice it to say that no matter how good your insurance company or coverage is, if you have to deal with a major incident(s) you must stay on top of your medical bills. 

The rest of the morning was a series of back-to-back meetings. 

After being out for a couple of months, there have been a lot of asks of my time lately. It is making it a bit hard to catch up but I’m slowly chipping away at it without pushing myself too hard or compromising other areas.

I took time this afternoon to start working on 2015 planning. It is something that I start doing around November each year. 

As I did today, I start with brainstorming my 3 words for the upcoming year and potential personal and professional goals. I do this without questioning the validity of those words or goals. The idea is to get them all down onto paper and I can work through them later.

It was interesting to see what words and goals were popping into my head - many much different now than they would have been otherwise. 

I’m not sure which ones will stick but I will continue to work on my 3 words and goals in the upcoming weeks to hit the ground running immediately following the holidays.

Tonight I used my TheraBand to run through a few shoulder and external elbow rotation exercises. As much as I can I’m trying to do different exercises every day that I don’t go to physical therapy. 

With my shoulders continuing to heal well I think that on Wednesday I am going to do a more dynamic workout instead of just riding the stationary bike. Even if it is only a few reps, I want to start working other exercises back into my workouts.

We’re heading down south to our offices tomorrow morning since we both have a few things that need to get down in-person.

It is proving to be a busy start to the week but I wouldn’t have it any other way!