Day 84: Movie Saturday

Another night of getting north of 7 hours of sleep. If I get another 7 hours of sleep tonight then I will hit a 5 day streak. Actually, if I hadn’t missed my goal by 4 minutes a few nights ago then I would have been going on a 10+ day streak of getting 7 or more hours per night.

I have never gotten as good of sleep as I have been getting, even with waking up usually a few times per night. I assume that the reason for the improved sleep are the steps I have been taking to hack my sleep lately.  

While waiting for Laura to wake up I caught up on a number of articles that I had saved throughout the week. The one I enjoyed the most was a Fortune profile on Tony Robbins. If you’re a fan of his work then it is a must-read article. 

As this week had come to a close we decided that today would be a day to just relax on the couch watching movies. Usually when we have said this in the past we end up running out somewhere later in the day but today we held true to it. 

We started the morning off by binge-watching the first 5 episodes of the new season of “Homeland”. 

Around mid-afternoon we took a break for a while so that I could go to the gym. Similar to last night, I worked out for 20 minutes on the stationary bike using the “Random Hill” setting. This helped to mix up my workouts which felt good. 

After I finished my workout I ran through a few physical therapy exercises including walking my fingers up the wall, one-arm pendulum swings and laying on an exercise ball and then walking out into a push-up position. While the first two were painful, as they typically are, I felt stronger than I did the first time I walked out into the push-up position.  

When I got back home we watched “Noah” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. We had seen X-Men in the theaters but it was our first time seeing Noah. We were glad to have watched it but I now understand the mixed reviews that it received. 

Since we had strayed off of our typical eating plan earlier in the week we decided not to make today a cheat day. We did have pizza and beer tonight while watching “X-Men” but a cheat meal was a better choice than an entire cheat day. 

As the night winds down we’re watching one of my favorite movies of all time: “Good Will Hunting”. 

My shoulders have felt strong all day. I didn’t wake up with soreness this morning or experience any pain throughout the day.

I am, however, still experiencing soreness on my actual scars when they’re touched. I’m not sure when or if that will ever go away. It’s not something that I feel unless the scars are actually touched but when they are I then experience soreness in the area. 

I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing Saturday.