Day 82: Saying Goodbye to My Grandparents

Though I slept for around 7.5 hours last night, I slept lightly and so only ended up with around 2.5 hours of deep sleep. It didn’t help that Laura had to get up earlier than normal to head down to her office today. 

My shoulders were sore from sleeping but after being awake for a while they loosened up and started feeling better.  

Every day normal tasks continue getting easier though there are still things that are impossible such as putting on a zip-up hoodie or jacket. I still don’t have enough range of motion in my shoulders to reach back to get the zip-up up my arms and over my shoulders. 

I was able to tackle a few things before my grandparents arrived this morning. After hanging out for a bit we went out to lunch so that they could see the view of San Francisco from downtown Tiburon. 

After lunch we hung out and told a variety of stories. It’s always fun hearing their stories especially about how Central Massachusetts and Boston used to be 50-70+ years ago. 

We took them out for a nice dinner before saying our goodbyes since they have an early flight tomorrow morning.  

After it taking 3.5 years for them to make it out here and we only typically get back east for Thanksgiving, it will likely be another year before we see them again. 

Before they left my grandmother took several pictures of us. She said that all of their friends have been asking about me and she wanted photos to show them.  

They were both surprised at how well I was doing when they arrived on Tuesday and reiterated that tonight. They told us that they expected me to be leaning on Laura to walk down steps. I’m glad that they weren’t here when things were a lot harder for us because I know that would have caused them a lot more concern. 

With my grandparents coming early today I wasn’t able to get in my workout, daily mobilization work or physical therapy exercises. I’ll get back on track with everything tomorrow. 

I am looking forward to settling back into routine tomorrow including eating healthy, even though there is still two-thirds of that lasagna left.