Day 81: The Carb Tour Continues

After dipping (barely) below 7 hours of sleep last night I was able to get 8.25 hours last night, along with more deep sleep.

I shifted my day around to give me a meeting-free morning so that I could focus on a few big rocks that I needed to just turn up music and crash through. I found a nice groove and was able to make meaningful progress. 

My grandparents came over late morning bringing along with them all of the ingredients to make fried dough with granulated sugar for lunch and lasagna for dinner. Yeah, that carb tour that I referenced last night continued today. 

I have a feeling that we will not be having a cheat day on Saturday after these past couple of days. 

While I walked over to physical therapy I listened to a new “The School of Greatness” episode with Lewis Howes interviewing Kelly Starrett. Not only is this an excellent episode but Lewis is a great friend who is doing amazing stuff. 

It had been 5 days since I had last seen my physical therapist so I fully expected to be tight, even though I had been doing exercises at home on a daily basis.  

After using the ultrasound technology we started working through stretches which proved to be painful. But, I was really happy when we took new measurements and I had regained an additional 5 degrees in range of motion in both shoulders - 135 degrees on my right and 130 degrees on my left. 

When we finished the stretching, my physical therapist had me do work with a TheraBand to provide increased resistance while focusing on external elbow rotation. He also had me lay on an exercise ball, walking my hands out until I was in a push up position and then leaning forward and back to work on the support muscles.  

It was the most downward pressure that I have put on my shoulders but I didn’t feel any unusual pain or other signs that my shoulders couldn’t take it. Since I passed both of those tests I took home some TheraBand so that, along with an exercise ball I already have access to, I can work on these exercises. 

I enjoyed watching part of the World Series tonight with my grandfather. My grandfather is a huge sports fan but holds a special place in his heart for baseball. When I was growing up my grandparents took me to several Red Sox games and my grandfather taught me baseball.  

I haven’t had the chance to watch a game with them in a long time so it was a fun experience for me. 

And….the Giants won the World Series behind one of the most remarkable pitching performances we have ever witnessed in baseball!!! 

As the night winds down I’m feeling as tired as I was last night. I think it was due to eating dinner earlier than usual and it probably doesn’t help that it was all carbs instead of protein heavy like I prefer.