Day 80: Spending the Evening with My Grandparents

Eventually the sleep streak had to end which it did last night. Though I only missed my 7 hour goal by 4 minutes, I was under 3 hours of deep sleep. That lack of deep sleep would cause me to drag through most of the day.

Though, with my current schedule, I would typically go to the gym later in the day, today I knocked it out mid-morning since my grandparents were coming into town. 

I felt strong during my stationary bike ride and knocked out 30 minutes for 9+ miles. I ran through a number of shoulder exercises, though not as many as last night since most of them were the same.

While working out I listened to a great Tim Ferriss interview with Maria Popova  Throughout the interview Tim spends a lot of time probing Maria’s process for consuming and turning out so much content. It’s a really interesting podcast.

The mid-morning through mid-afternoon was normal with a meeting and getting some work done. I feel caught up after being out for two months but being “caught up” is an interesting phrase because of how much work my team always has on our plate.

It was great to see my grandparents after nearly a year since we last saw them. I think it was equally good for them since they could see me in-person. They have spent a lot of time over the last couple of months worry about how we were doing. It made them feel good to see me doing well. 

After talking for a bit at our place we headed to dinner which could have been named “the tour of ALL of the carbs” since it included bread, risotto, ravioli, polenta and French fries. There was also meatballs and short ribs mixed in there. Such is how a dinner out with Italian grandparents goes!

Going into the three days of having them here there was no expectation of eating healthy, at least for dinner. Tomorrow night my grandmother is making her homemade lasagna which was passed down from her mother. Yep, not healthy at all but definitely not going to say no.

It’s good that we were out to dinner with my grandparents since the Giants were blown out forcing a Game 7 tomorrow night.

Since getting back home I have felt wiped out. Maybe it's not getting enough deep sleep last night or something else but I have been having problems just keeping my eyes open.