Day 78: Hitting a 5-Day Streak

Last night I hit my first ever 5-day streak for sleep getting 7.5 hours. What was better than the previous night was only waking up once briefly and not having to use the restroom once throughout the night. It's the small victories.

While Laura slept I spent time going through older MobilityWOD videos. I didn’t have a particular reason that I went digging beyond being curious. 

Speaking of which, Friday night I finished reading Ready to Run. It is an excellent book for anyone looking to improve their running and staying injury free. For those familiar with Becoming a Supple Leopard, it is not nearly as long as that. I was able to read it in a few days. 

We didn’t have any errands to run today besides going to the grocery store, which was a quick trip since my grandparents arrive late afternoon on Tuesday. We’ll either take them out to dinner each night they are here or we’ll make a specific run for the ingredients we need for that meal.

When got back from the grocery store we went out for a 5 mile walk. My shoulders felt much stronger than they did 2 weeks ago when we went for the same walk. This walk along with taking Sasha for walks and other activity helped me to surpass 12,500 steps today.

Two weeks ago my shoulders started to ache around 3.5 miles in. Today my shoulders felt as though I could have pushed them another couple miles but decided to hold back for another week.

When we came home from our walk we went to the indoor pool so that I could complete my physical therapy. It felt good doing physical therapy work in the pool. I’ll have to remember that the indoor pool is an available tool for me to use in between office visits.

The nice thing about using the indoor pool is that there is a hot tub in the same area. It was the first time using a hot tub since my injuries and it felt great. The pool at physical therapy is warm but doesn’t have jets. It was really nice to allow the jets to work on my muscles.

While Laura napped for a bit I tackled mobilization work focusing on my glutes. A painful few minutes of work.

After not talking with my grandparents for a couple of days, I chatted with them for a while. I’m excited for them to come out this week. Typically we only see them for one day while we are back for Thanksgiving so having them here for a few days will be nice.

Laura cooked padron peppers for a snack and then made sweet potato, black beans and kale quesadillas with Greek yogurt as a dipping sauce. It is one of our favorite vegetarian dishes and one that I highly recommend you try. 

While enjoying dinner we watched the Giants take Game 5 to go up 3-2 on the Royals. Madison Bumgarner pitched a complete game shutout. They said that his ERA during the World Series is now 0.29 making it the best in history. Crazy.

After a wonderful weekend I am looking forward to starting the work week tomorrow. 

Thank you to everyone that continues following our journey - it means so very much to me and helps to inspire me to work harder every day.