Day 77: A Relaxing Saturday Filled with Lots of Food

Tacked on a 4th night of getting 7-7.5 hours of sleep, though I woke up 4 times throughout the night which was more than I have in the last several nights. It started raining around 1:30a and it was loud enough that once I woke up it was difficult to fall back asleep.

I slipped out of bed so Laura could sleep in. When I woke up my shoulders were sore from yesterday’s physical therapy session. After being awake for a while some of the soreness started to subside. 

Realizing that I had never finished watching the "On the Run" tour HBO special from when I recorded it a few weeks ago, I decided to watch that from the beginning until Laura woke up. 

As is typical on Saturday mornings, I weighed myself and took my body fat % reading. I was down approximately a pound and my body fat % hovered around the same. Holding steady this week. 

The cheat day started at a local cafe that’s right on the water. I enjoyed 1/2 of a chocolate croissant and a coconut macaroon along with a cafe mocha.  

After relaxing there for a while we came back home to hang out. I had a few minor things that I wanted to bang out while Laura got ready for the day. 

For lunch we went over to The Cheesecake Factory, splitting a couple of appetizers and enjoying a beer. On our way there we stopped to pick up beer for the night. This time of the year Laura enjoys pumpkin beer with a cinnamon sugar rim on a chilled pint glass, so it was good to find pumpkin beer in stock. 

When we got home from lunch I took my pre-workout drink and then went next door for another workout. I worked through about 15 minutes of shoulder exercises, completed 20 minutes on the stationary bike and then 10 minutes of foot mobility work. 

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to using the indoor pool in our community to complete my shoulder exercises. I won’t be able to do as much as I can at physical therapy since I don’t have water dumbbells or other equipment but it will still be a good way to switch up my exercises. 

Instead of going out for dinner tonight we decided to have a pizza and beer night at home while we watched the Giants take Game 4 in definitive fashion. 

As we watched the baseball game I continued working on shoulder and elbow exercises including overhead presses, shoulder extensions and external elbow rotations. A few minutes on each just to keep working on restoring full mobility to my arms overall. 

While I’m no longer making major daily strides I continue making decent weekly improvements especially with mobility. 

Overall today was a relaxing day filled with good food and a lot of fun. Exactly what we wanted from the day after a busy week and with a neurosurgeon appointment on Monday and my grandparents coming into town next week.