Day 76: The End of My 2nd Week Back to Work

Three nights in a row getting north of 7 hours of sleep. That 3-day streak is better than I have achieved even before my injuries.

This morning and early afternoon were standard for me, though it turned out busier than originally planned. I had one-on-ones with a couple of my team members and dealt with a couple other issues before it was time for physical therapy. 

On my walk over to PT I caught up on another Productivityist podcast episode where Mike Vardy chatted with Chris Bailey. It’s an interesting podcast episode where Chris discusses some of the experiments he has tried such as only using his phone for 1 hour per day for a 3 month period of time. 

During dynamic stretching my shoulders were tighter than they normally are. I attributed it to the long drives, being in my office and not doing my at-home exercises yesterday. We worked through it but it was painful, especially while stretching out my left shoulder. 

Once we finished up the stretching I hopped into the pool for, what could best be described as, a full body pool workout. It was similar to what we had done on Monday, switching between a variety of exercises that targeted different muscle groups.  

By the end of the pool exercises I was sweating which made me happy. 

I walked back home, took my pre-workout drink and then went next door to the gym to complete 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Since I wasn’t able to workout yesterday by the time we got home from being down south, I decided to get my workout in today. 

Already being warmed up from the pool work and the walk home I was able to go harder, breaking through the 9 mile mark again. I knocked out a few stretches and then came back home to finish some mobility work before finishing out my work day. 

It was the first time that I had tried using PT as a warm up for the gym. I actually really enjoyed doing the work back-to-back instead of on opposite days or at different times throughout the day. 

Unfortunately we watched the Giants lose Game 3 of the World Series. 

Today brings to end my 2nd week back at work with another 2 weeks left at part-time until going back to full-time again. 

We are now winding down our Friday night. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to having an awesome cheat day.