Day 73: Forgetting About DMV Reexamination Paperwork

It’s been nice to settle into a good night of sleep and normal morning routine again. Though I’m still waking up a couple times per night, I’m getting sound sleep. My morning routine is a bit different than it will be once I ramp back up to full-time.  

Through each phase of this recovery I have benefited by establishing routines as I usually would. I fundamentally believe that while routines help to keep us moving forward, routines must remain flexible to what else is happening around us. 

I had 4 meetings that chewed up the majority of my work day. In addition to my weekly staff meeting and a one-on-one with a team member, today was the first time getting to catch up with Matt Morgan and Laura Heisman - two great friends and incredible marketing and communications leaders. 

It was nice to catch up with both Matt and Laura as they and their teams have been among our biggest supporters throughout this entire journey. 

Last night I realized that my DMV reexamination paperwork is due this week. Without it being submitted by my oncologist by Thursday, my license will be suspended until I complete the reexamination process. 

While that sounds a bit worrisome and is something that I reached out to my oncologist’s team about today, I actually am not allowed to drive until at least February 10th - 6 months from the date of the seizures. Apparently you have to regularly submit this reexamination paperwork to DMV 

In addition to dealing with the DMV paperwork I had to deal with a few medical bills and emails related to my injuries. I joked to Laura that dealing with all of the medical paperwork could be a part-time job by itself. 

After finishing up my work day I went to the gym to knock out 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I increased the resistance level to 8 which helped to drive the speed up. This helped to increase total miles by 1.4 miles to over 9 miles. 

Tonight we enjoyed dinner from Munchery. It’s been nice having about one dinner per week delivered from their team. It gives Laura a break from cooking for a night and makes clean up simple. 

Having Munchery delivered also helped us to watch the Giants dominate Game 1 of the World Series.  

As I am winding down for the night I realized that it has been 2 days since I have taken Alieve. I’m not sure if this is good or bad since my orthopedic surgeon wants me to take it liberally to help with inflammation, though he didn’t specify what he meant by “liberally”.