Day 72: Selling Rocks from a Flower Bed

Overnight and this morning were normal for us. Slept well, took Sasha for a walk, made breakfast and got the work day underway.

I only had 1.5 hours of meetings today. That doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re only able to work part-time, that is 38% of my work day. It was nice to get other work accomplished. I’m feeling fully caught up though I am eager to get back up to full time.

During physical therapy today we took a range of motion measurement on my left shoulder. I’m currently at around 125 degrees. Perfect ROM for the shoulder is 180 degrees so I still have a long way to go. We didn’t measure the range in my right shoulder though I know it is better than my left shoulder.

After we finished with stretching I made my way into the pool. We stepped up the water dumbbell weights which made me happy. We also increased the pace and number of exercises. 

I completed ROM exercises, dumbbell pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, hammer curls, jumping lunges, bicycle kicks, leg lifts and a few other exercises.

While I was walking to physical therapy I saw a few younger kids gathering something from a flower bed at the entrance to our property. I heard them ask me a question but I had my headphones in listening to an excellent Tim Ferriss podcast with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis on thinking big. Not thinking anything of it I continued walking.

When I got back home Laura told me that a few kids came to our door trying to sell her rocks. These must have been the same kids from earlier. They were talking about the properties of each rock and the many uses for it (“You can use it as a door stop”). She asked them how much for a rock and they told her $20. 

It is easy to guess that we did not purchase $20 rocks from a flower bed. However, I bet one of those kids will end up owning some insanely large company in the next 10-20 years. Their entrepreneurial spirit is to be admired.

Tonight we enjoyed one of my favorite dishes - Jamaican jerk turkey burgers. Healthy, spicy and full of flavor.

No Monday Night Football for me since there was no way I could win this week in Fantasy Football.

I’m gearing up for a full (part-time) day of meetings tomorrow.

I hope that your Monday didn’t act like a Monday!