Day 68: The Giants Win the Pennant

As sleep quality continues to improve, I was able to sleep until 6:20a before waking up to use the restroom. I know I woke up once or twice to readjust but not with the same issues that I had the previous night.

The only downside was intending to only watch a few minutes of the season premier of “Top Chef” and instead not falling asleep until 11:40p thus driving down total sleep. 

With my first meeting not until 10:00a I was able to tackle a few emails and calls related to short-term disability and medical bills. 

Though I have always known this, take this tip to heart: you are the only one who cares about your medical history and everything related to it. Keep track of all of your records, bills and notes. 

I have had to deal with several issues over the last few weeks that have highlighted the importance of that to me. In each case having notes from previous conversations have helped to resolve it. 

Instead of alternating an hour working and then an hour resting, today I had 2 hour-long back-to-back meetings scheduled. I felt strong working through both of them before taking a rest.  

My brain seems to be working at full speed and I haven’t felt tired from information overload or too much stimuli.  

I thought my work stamina would take longer to come back then it has. I understand that I’m not working a full day but with the variety of things I have already dealt with, I am feeling good. 

During my lunch break I watched several MobilityWOD Pro videos. So much of it are things that I won’t be able to do until my shoulders are fully healed but the content is fantastic. 

I am testing being an MWOD Pro subscriber for the next month but even if you aren’t a subscriber, there is a ton of free content about mobility and movement systems.  

After finishing up with my work day I headed over to the gym. I increased the resistance again from 6 to 7. With the increase in resistance I was able to increase total mileage in 30 minutes again by another 0.5 miles to around 8.1 miles. I then tackled shoulder mobility and increasing external elbow rotation.

While working out I listened to an incredible Tim Ferriss interview with Tony Robbins. It is broken into two different episodes and is a couple hours long in total. They cover everything from Tony’s morning rituals to focusing on his upcoming book - the first book he’s written in nearly 20 years. 

At Dreamforce 2012 I had the opportunity to participate in a 4-hour Tony Robbins session. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. 

Tonight we got to cheer on the Giants as they won the pennant in the bottom of the 9th inning with a 3-run home run! The entire game was great but that final home run was awesome. We could hear the fireworks from our place as we were watching the celebration on TV. 

Overall, a fantastic Thursday!