Day 60: Taking Time to Relax

Though I slept about the same amount as previous nights, last night I didn’t wake up with night sweats. Hopefully that means that the narcotics have worked their way out of my system finally. 

I still woke up 3 times throughout the night. I’m still not back to sleeping throughout the night without waking up or only waking up once, as was typical before the injuries.

I actually didn’t even end up taking Advil until late afternoon with my last dose before that being last night before bed.

I started the day with paying the stack of medical bills that have built up. I’m not sure why I decided to start the day with that not fun task but I am glad that I got it done. I know there will be more coming in over the days and weeks ahead.

I spent the rest of the morning running through a number of smaller tasks that I wanted to get cleaned up before heading back to work next week.

As I did yesterday, I took time to relax. I decided to watch TV for a couple of hours. I haven’t been watching TV during the day lately but today it was nice to just hang out. 

It was good to give my shoulders time to rest since they were fairly sore. Part of that was probably not taking Advil throughout the day. The other part was likely being sore from working out and a hard PT session yesterday. 

Yesterday and tomorrow I have to workout and go to PT within a few hours of one another. Moving forward I will alternate days between PT and working out. But, this week we had to jump in my PT sessions to get 3 sessions in.

This afternoon I had a phone consultation with Dr. Justin Mager, who works with Tim Ferriss and Kelly Starrett

Among several areas that he focuses on, Dr. Mager uses blood panels and other tests to help identify specific key nutrients that a patient may be deficient in. For me that means that we may be able to identify ways to help me heal even faster based on understanding how my body is reacting during my recovery. 

We had a great call and I will likely be setting up an in-person consultation soon. The only rub is that he works on a concierge basis so the majority of his retainer fee and any tests aren’t covered by insurance.

I tackled my daily physical therapy exercises at home before back-to-back PT appointments tomorrow and Friday. 

I continue to successfully accomplish everything except for overhead shoulder presses. I know that will change as I continue rebuilding the muscle which has atrophied.

While I took time to read Building a Supple Leopard, I turned my attention to Shrinkage to take a break from reading about mobility and movement. Even though I’m only a few pages in, it is a great book so far.

With the nighttime upon us, I am looking forward to continuing to relax before bed.

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Wednesday!