Day 59: Increased Shoulder Mobility

I continued to improve my sleep quality last night getting 7+ hours of sleep again and only waking up 3 times throughout the night. 

One of the times I woke up I still woke up sweaty like the previous night. Some commented that it might be from minor narcotics withdrawal since I was on a varying amount of narcotics over the last couple of months. I’m hoping that is the case so that soon enough I will go back to a normal night of sleep.

Laura had to head down to her new office today thus making it the first full day that I have spent alone. I have been alone for a few hours at a time since the seizures but not for an entire day yet. While we both felt confident about it, it still made me feel a bit uneasy.

I published an article today on ways that you should start investing in your health. As expected, it has generated a healthy debate over on Facebook. 

Health and fitness are among those topics that always generate conversation since everyone has different ideas about what is right.

I spent the majority of the day resting while watching a few fitness and mobility videos on YouTube. I have pushed myself the last few days and knew today would be a hard physical therapy session.

As I’m getting closer to returning to work, I have started to line up a couple of meetings next week. My team has also started copying me back into emails that they were leaving me off of over the last couple of months. It’s nice to start feeling engaged back into the rhythm of work.

I am someone who excels when I have structure and framework. The last two months have been hard without the same structure that I have previously been used to. That is why you’ll notice if you dig back through these updates that I have established regular routines to help guide my day.

I did head next door to get in a workout before heading off to physical therapy. While I didn’t increase the resistance (4) or time (30 mins), I did go faster so I was able to go 0.6 miles farther than I did on Saturday.

After finishing with my workout I headed over to physical therapy. I surprised myself with the range of motion in both of my shoulders. Laying flat on the PT bed I was able to lift both arms above my head. I had even prefaced my left arm telling the physical therapist that I didn’t expect to be able to lift it as high as I had lifted my right arm. 

As usual we did a number of stretches while he tried to loosen me up more. Once we finished that we headed into the pool for the first time since switching to active therapy. Instead of using the water dumbbells on the surface of the water like we did during passive therapy, I had to use them underwater for most of the session today. 

I was able to accomplish every exercise which made me happy though it has left me sore since coming home a couple hours ago.

I’m relaxing watching the San Francisco Giants playoff game, hoping they can put the Washington Nationals away tonight but a home run by Bryce Harper just tied up the game.

Thank you for the continuing support - it means more than we can ever express.