Day 58: Follow Ups with the Neuro Doctors

Well, I got more sleep last night than I have the last couple of nights. I got 7+ hours of sleep with around 5.25 hours of deep sleep. The only downsides of last night was waking up 5 times throughout the night including once drenched in sweat even though it was chilly in our bedroom.

One issue that I have been having the last few nights has been wanting to roll onto my sides. I wake up throughout the night as I feel myself starting to roll so I am able to stop myself. The farthest that I got one night was rolling up onto my right shoulder. That didn’t feel too good.

I spent time working on a new article for tomorrow about ways that you should be investing in your health. Hopefully you’ll check it out once it is published and let me know your thoughts.

I checked with the neurosurgeon this morning and, as I assumed last night, he does not want any direct sunlight on the scar. 

Laura reminded me that for the first two weeks post-surgery I had my head wrapped with gauze every day so no worries there. The only time my head has been exposed has been since last Monday and, with the exception of yesterday, I haven’t had a lot of direct sunlight.

I heard back from the neuro oncologist about the additional testing results that we have been waiting on. The tumor does have the additional deletion that she was looking for which is a good sign. 

All signs have been positive so far with the brain tumor. Though it doesn’t mean that I’m cured, it does mean that I should live a full healthy life. As my neurosurgeon explained last week, it will be like having a chronic disease where you will have to receive ongoing check ups. Just in my case these check ups will include MRIs and a visit with the neuro oncologist.

This week is the final week before starting back to work next Tuesday. I took time today thinking through my schedule once starting back - balancing both work and other obligations including doctors appointments and physical therapy. 

I will start off with 4 hours per day, rotating one hour on x one hour off for at least the first week. I will use the off time throughout the day to tackle everything else while working my way back up to full time over the next month.

This evening has been hard since I have been fighting a debilitating headache. Fortunately Monday Night Football was on so I was able to lay down on the couch to rest. I’m not sure what the headache was from - these days it could be any number of things going on with my body.

I was happy to receive all of my new vitamins today from Vitamin Shoppe. I started back on them tonight before dinner. I’ll be testing out a few new vitamins and combinations for different reasons over the next few weeks. 

As the day comes to a close, it was another day where I was able to only use Advil throughout the day. Coming off of the narcotics completely makes me very happy.