Day 56: A Movie and Dinner

While I passed out immediately last night I woke up at 4:45a and couldn’t fall back asleep. At 5:45a I finally got out of bed and came out to the living room while leaving Laura sleeping. it is not what I was hoping for especially on a Saturday.

Since I was up so early I decided to tackle a few things early in the morning including doing a bit of reading and making my protein shake.

After Laura woke up we took Sasha for a walk then came back home to set up my Varidesk. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much myself because of how heavy it was. I always feel bad when situations like that arise since all I can do is direct traffic instead of actually helping.

Once we had the standing desk set up we headed to Starbucks and a local bagel store that we love. Saturdays are my cheat days so I enjoyed a peppermint mocha and a jalapeño cheddar bagel with low fat jalapeño cream cheese. It is as delicious as it sounds.

I relaxed for a bit before heading next door to the gym. Though I kept the resistance level the same as on Thursday (4), I did bump up the time from 25 minutes to 30 minutes. I then did bicep curls with 5 lbs dumbbells since I had been performing them without issue with no weight earlier this week.

I came back home from the gym and ran through my active physical therapy exercises (besides the bicep curls) including using the shoulder pulley.

I showered, brushed my teeth and shaved again by myself which felt great. It’s nice to regain those freedoms over the past couple of days.

We headed to the movies for the first time in eight weeks. We saw Gone Girl which was excellent with insane twists and turns throughout it. 

The last movie we saw before that was Guardians of the Galaxy which we saw the Saturday before my seizures. That made today’s movie even more special.

When the movie finished I was still feeling strong so we went to one of our favorite restaurants on the other side of the mall where the movie theater is located. It was the first beer I have had in over eight weeks. 

For someone that loves craft beers, going eight weeks without a single beer (or any other alcohol) was a long one.

It was great to see a friend of ours who is a bartender there. She had been on a month-long trip to Australia during August and therefore had no idea about what happened to me.

In total I was out of the house for around 5.5 hours making it the longest that I had been outside since the seizures.

We took Sasha for a quick walk when we got home. We also had to open all of our sliders and turn on all of our fans to try venting our apartment. With no air conditioning and a lot of glass, it can get very hot here especially when it is 85-90 degrees or hotter outside.

We’re now back home watching the San Francisco Giants game (still!) as it is in the bottom of the 18th inning. When this game finally ends I will likely head to bed a bit early since I woke up so early and have had a long day of pushing myself.

Happy Saturday!