Day 55: Using the Microwave for the First Time

As I was falling asleep last night the area around my shoulder blades were throbbing even after I took my nightly narcotics dose. 

I’m guessing this is more soreness than pain from the active physical therapy over the past couple of days. Rebuilding those muscles once they completely atrophied is hard, harder than any workout I have ever completed before.

I slept until past 4:00a without waking up which is the longest that I have slept in nearly eight weeks. 

One problem that I am having is that when I wake up I am finding that my sleep mask is around my neck. Either I am removing it during while I am sleeping or it is falling off.

As has become the normal morning routine, I went for a walk with Laura and Sasha then came back home to make my protein shake and take my morning medications.

I finished up and published a Built Unstoppable article on how to make Facebook usable again. I would love to hear your feedback on the article.

After publishing the Facebook article I booked our tickets back to CT for Thanksgiving. We typically go back every year for Thanksgiving but over the last eight weeks we have been unsure whether I would be strong enough to make the trip.

We consulted with my doctors and feel strong about my recovery so felt confident that I can make the trip without issue.

Needless to say, it made Laura's mom very happy when she read the email letting her know that we would be coming back.

Though I was not expecting it until Tuesday, my Varidesk standing desk arrived this morning. We will not have a chance to set it up until tomorrow since it weighs more than I can lift. I can only lift a couple of pounds at a time right now so anything more than that and I need Laura’s help. 

I am excited to set it up since it is something I have wanted for a while but just never pulled the trigger on.

There is a Varidesk desktop app that you can download from their website that will provide notifications for standing vs sitting as well as how many calories you have burned. 

While calories are not the only metric that you need to pay attention to with fitness, it is still good to know how many calories I have burned just by transitioning to a standing desk.

Laura spent a little while at home this morning but had to head into her office since today was the final day before her office moves to San Jose.

Due to the time she left and what was on her to-do list, I heated up lunch by myself for the first time since the seizures happened.

When I went to heat up lunch I was planning on standing on a chair to put me at arm level with the microwave however I instinctually just reached up the microwave to open it. I did not have any issues with it beyond a small amount of discomfort. 

Another small win in the book this week.

Like I did earlier in the week, I walked to and from physical therapy today. It is much better than getting dropped off. It was hot today in the Bay Area so walking with a towel around my neck didn’t feel too good. 

The physical therapist was again happy with my range of motion. There is still a lot of work to do but little victories continue to be our focus.

I came home from physical therapy and tackled more work on the new Built Unstoppable feature that will be launching next week. 

I also took some time before Laura came home to do read more of Becoming a Supple Leopard. It is funny because, though I highlight Kindle books all the time, it has been a while since I sat on my couch with a hardcover book and a highlighter. This book IS a textbook on movement and mobility.

We had another one of Laura’s colleague’s friends drop off food for us tonight. We have put that in the refrigerator for another night.

Tonight we are planning on relaxing, reflecting on a successful week and watching Noah for the first time. 

I heard from another friend today that they made a major life change due to our journey. 

It has been one of the unexpected but beautiful outcomes of my injuries. Though I would never want to go through the pain I have felt, I am elated that people continue to make positive changes in their lives.

Thank you to all of those who continue to support us through messages, comments, tweets, emails, texts and cards. Every message and story makes me smile.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday night!