Day 544: Helicopters, Blogs and Planks

I had trouble falling asleep last night, tossing and turning for 30-45 minutes before actually passing out. Thankfully, since we had gone to sleep a bit early I was still able to get around 7.5 hours of sleep.  

It makes it a bit more difficult since we wake up at 5:30a during the week but as long as we start to unwind by 9-9:15p then we’re usually good. That gives us time to get ready for bed, read for 30 minutes and get to bed before 10:30p which is the 7 hour cut-off. 

I had a busy day of back-to-back meetings with minimal breaks from 8:00a-1:30p before finally getting a chance to get any work done. 

It’s a bit hard to be productive with all of the Super Bowl action happening right outside of our office including the helicopters flying only a few hundred feet above our building but I have been trying my best to not be distracted by it. 

Toward the end of the day I spent a bit of time reading blogs. It is something that has fallen out of my routine over the last few months. I used to start my morning every day consuming blog posts. It was a way of ensuring that I’m learning something new every day and staying on top of the changes happening within the industries in which I’m interested in/work in. 

I am going to start working it back into my daily routine because it is something that I enjoy and is important to do, in my opinion. 

I took tonight off of working out so that Laura and I could go out for our date night. No matter what happens during the week, our date night is our time during the work week where we know that we’ll have time to spend time together. 

When I came home I knocked out my 30 second plank for #PlankForCBD. Tomorrow it jumps up to 40 seconds for the next 2 days before a rest day. So far it hasn’t been a challenge but it will continue to get longer over the next week or so. 

Tomorrow we will be spending the majority of the day at UCSF including appointments with our neurologist and neuro-oncologist, having another MRI done, blood work and picking up my chemo medication.