Day 543: Combining Two Workouts

I was exhausted after a long day of meetings yesterday and ended up sleeping nearly 30 minutes later than usual. That extra sleep helped me to get almost 8 hours of sleep which helped to give me energy to power through the day. 

One thing that many people don’t realize is that I don’t drink any caffeine - no coffee, tea or soda. I used to drink more Diet Coke than I care to admit but that was many years ago. Therefore, I rely on natural energy and sticking to a strict morning routine to wake me up and help me to focus. 

I had a decent day at the office with a few meetings and some time to get through both project and admin work. My days always seem to fill up with admin work lately but it is something that I have gotten used to. 

I finished my day off with a two hour training on new administrative processes that are forthcoming for managing our events and expenses. Tantalizing fun, I know. 

After not working out for the last two days, with the exception of completing my planks for the #PlankForCBD, I was really excited to change up and head over to the gym. I decided to combine two workouts - one from BJ Gaddour and a Spartan WOD for this week: 


  • Dynamic stretching
  • Jump rope - 5 minutes

Main Set

  • Bench jumps - 20 secs ON/10 secs REST
  • Alternating step-ups - 20 secs ON/10 secs REST
  • x 10 rounds
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 leg raises
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 30 second plank
  • 10 burpees

I was already drenched in sweat by the time I finished the 10 rounds of bench jumps and alternating step-ups. I rested for a couple of minutes and then tackled the abs section of my workout. It was my first time doing burpees in a couple of months since I hadn’t worked them into my lifting or kettlebell routines. As usual, they killed me. 

It was great to work in my 30 second plank for the #PlankForCBD challenge into the ab section of my workout so that I was able to knock it out. 

When I came back home I reviewed the results of my blood work from yesterday. Though I haven’t received  official feedback from our medical team, it looks like my CBC came back within normal levels. As long as my blood work on Friday comes back normal, which it has every time, I will have the green light to start my final round of chemo on Monday.