Day 542: My Final Day 21 Blood Work

First off, thank you to everyone who reached out since I published last night’s update. It is a great feeling knowing that next week we will finish the last round of chemo. 

I barely got 7 hours of sleep last night but still hit my goal with 5 minutes to spare. I slept much better last night and didn’t have any additional nightmares about having another seizure. 

I had my final pre-chemo CBC blood work done this morning at the Quest facility that I have been going to for the past year. I still have to get one more done but that will be taken care of while we’re at UCSF on Friday. 

I am sure that I will have to go there from time to time for additional blood work however it will not be for chemo. I have to get my blood levels checked occasionally due to one of the anti-seizure medications that I take so I am sure that will continue. 

While I managed to find minor slivers of time throughout my day to get work done, the majority of it was spent in meetings. My meetings finally finished up around 3:00p which gave me about an hour to crank through work before going to a work event. 

After work Laura met up with me for a going away party for a couple of my colleagues/friends. It was really nice because it gave Laura a chance to meet another person who was in Las Vegas that night when I had my seizure as well as several other people who I work with every day.  

Though I wasn’t able to workout again today, I did get in my 20 second plank for #PlankForCBD. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow and will likely also workout on Thursday even though I usually use that as my rest day. 

Tomorrow the plank challenge jumps up to 30 seconds for the next couple of days - still nothing too hard for me but it does continue to ramp up. 

Tomorrow I only have a few meetings but do have a lot going on that I need to make progress on. I’m also hoping that tomorrow feels more like it should because I have thought that today was Wednesday all day long.