Day 540: Tackling the Bodybuilder Burnout Workout

Remember how I mentioned being happy that Sasha and Darren didn’t wake me up at 5:40a yesterday morning? Well, this morning Darren decided to start crying for attention at 5:10a. 

I woke up a bit confused, originally thinking that it was Monday morning and wondering why Laura hadn’t gotten up already. And then I realized that it was barely past 5:00a on Sunday morning and I proceeded to go back to sleep for another 1.5 hours. 

It was another day, another BJ Gaddour workout. Today’s was called the “Bodybuilder Burnout” and it was focused on compound movements: 

  • Crunch Flys
  • Side Plank Lateral Raise
  • Kneeling Kickback
  • Zottman Curls
  • Heels Elevated Bodyweight Squats

It was programmed as 6 rounds of 50 seconds ON/15 seconds OFF. I could only make it through 3 rounds, though, before my body waved the white flag.  

I had a headache that set in mid-way through the workout and my energy wasn’t where I usually like it to be when I tackle HIIT workouts. But, it did set a baseline for me to attack the next time I do this workout. 

If you’re going to attempt it, I highly recommend starting with 5-15 lb dumbbells. That doesn’t sound heavy but I promise you that 15 lb dumbbells became heavy for me pretty quickly. 

The hardest exercise for me was the side plank lateral raise. Of course it looks easy in the video but is much harder when you do it. 

We had to run errands for a bit today including going to Game Stop so that I could trade in my Xbox 360 now that I have my Playstation 4.  

I used the credit to pick up NBA 2K16 which I started playing when we got back home. I quickly realized that it will take me a while to get really good at that game. That makes it a lot of fun because back in the day you would figure out the one play that you could run over and over again thus making the game easy. 

Laura is cooking one of my favorite meals (I know, I say that a lot) tonight: healthy chicken vodka with spaghetti. Laura uses fat free Greek yogurt instead of heavy cream and uses either brown rice or quinoa pasta instead of white or wheat pasta. 

As I reviewed my calendar for this coming week I realized just how busy it is going to be with meetings. 

We will close out the week with heading up to UCSF to meet with both our neurologist and neuro-oncologist, have an MRI and, more than likely, get my Day 21 blood work done.