Day 535: Attending the Game Changer Awards

I didn’t get as good of a night’s sleep last night as I hoped I would, especially since I was home alone while Laura is at a work offsite. I got just barely under 7 hours of sleep so it wasn’t too bad but wished it would have been more solid. 

I took the light rail into work today which gave me a chance to get in a 0.5 mile walk before getting my day even fully started. Though that’s nothing in terms of total distance, it is better than driving into work like I usually do. 

As usual for a Tuesday, I had back-to-back meetings until lunch, a break for lunch and then one final meeting before I had to take off. 

I left the office early to get back home, take care of Sasha, hop into a suit and tie then take off for San Francisco for an event that my dear friend, Tim Hayden, graciously invited me to. 

Tonight, thanks to Tim and the Zignal Labs team, I attended the Coaching Corps Game Changer Awards dinner held at the beautiful Fairmont hotel. 

It was an opportunity for Bay Area professional athletes to honor those who have made the most impact in their lives. Among the many athletes in attendance, including Hunter Pence from the Giants, Torrey Smith from the 49ers, Stephen Vogt from the A’s and more, I was most excited to see Stephen Curry. 

He was every bit as humble in-person as he is when you see him conducting interviews or when they do segments/specials about him. 

It was really nice to hear the inspirational stories that each player shared and then hear the coaches talk about why they coached, their style of coaching, what was most important to them, etc. 

Growing up in poverty in an inner-city I was able to identify with some of the stories that were shared and understand the impact that the Coaching Corps organization is having within the communities that they serve. 

Since I attended the dinner tonight I did not workout today but am planning on getting back to it tomorrow when I get home from work. 

I’m getting to bed much later than usual so I’m planning on sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning since the light rail runs all throughout the morning and I don’t have any early meetings.