Day 534: Getting to 9,000 Kettlebell Swings

I have continued to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep consistently since my seizure 2 weeks ago with the exception of a couple of nights where it was just under that mark. Not only is this important for overall health but it has become even more important for me to track due to my last seizure being attributed to fatigue. 

It was a busy Monday at the office, as I expected it to be since we had an all-hands meeting and I shifted around a couple of other meetings to today instead of later in the week. 

Instead of Laura picking me up this afternoon, I took the light rail home even though several colleagues offered to give me a ride home. The light rail is directly across the street from our campus and it drops off approximately 0.5 miles away from our apartment.  

I’ll take the light rail in tomorrow but then will figure out another option to get home since I have to get home, change and hop into an Uber quickly to get up to San Francisco for a dinner that I’m attending tomorrow night. The light rail will take too long since traffic won’t be as bad at the time that I’ll need to leave the office. 

I came home to tackle my next 500 kettlebell swings, bringing my total to 9,000 swings so far. I’m looking forward to finishing the challenge this Friday. It has been an excellent challenge to test myself both physically and mentally. 

I switched back to the 20 rounds of 25 reps per round and my time shifted back to about 27 minutes which is right where it was a couple of workouts ago.  

Tonight my night has been squarely focused on watching the Warriors vs Spurs game, which is, statistically, the best regular season game ever played in NBA history.