Day 532: Hanging Out at The Shark Tank

The kids woke me up earlier than usual for a weekend day but I was still able to get just shy of 8 hours of sleep. As usual, I slipped out of bed so that Laura could sleep in and took Sasha out for her morning walk. 

I only perform the kettlebell swings workout two days in a row before taking a day off. Prior to my last seizure I would take that third day as a rest day. However, I’m used to working out 6 days a week so I am now filling in those rest days with other workouts. 

I enjoyed the cardio workout from last Sunday so I decided to do that one again. After warming up with 2 minutes of rope work, I performed 20 rounds of split jacks (30 secs ON/30 secs OFF). I changed up each round between moving on the balls of my feet, being flat-footed and using 10 lb dumbbells in a couple of variations. 

After Laura woke up we stopped by my gym to put a medical hold on my membership. They need paperwork from one of my doctors to put it on hold without any feed so I will need to follow up on it this coming week. 

While we were out we also stopped for delicious donuts from one of our favorite spots. The benefits of cheat days! 

We spent the afternoon at “The Shark Tank” (aka SAP Arena) watching the San Jose Sharks take on the Minnesota Wild. It was a back-and-forth game but the Sharks ended up pulling out the win late in the third period. 

It was our first time going to a Sharks game but we’ll definitely go back because we had a lot of fun. 

One of my friends/colleagues who was with me the night that my seizure happened was at the game with us. Him and Laura have met in the past but this time it felt different. There is a special bond with everyone that was there that night and experienced my seizure. 

Laura thanked him for protecting me and getting me help along with everyone else who was there. 

We started watching “Angie Tribeca” tonight and ended up binge-watching all 11 episodes because it’s a show filled with stupid humor.