Day 530: Getting Back to Kettlebell Swings

I used the “Sleep Better” app again last night to track my sleep. It’s providing me great data but it’s interesting to see how it has reported information differently versus the UP app - particularly the deep versus light sleep and sleep efficiency sections. 

One of my friends offered to send me a Misfit Beddit to test which I’m really looking forward to. I know several people who wear the Misfit fitness tracker and like the product so I’m excited to try the Beddit. 

I had back-to-back meetings throughout the morning and then spent the afternoon focused on working through several deliverables and making headway on a few projects. 

Though I have had a lot of meetings this week, I have had a productive week thus far and am looking forward to finishing this week off strong tomorrow while working from home. 

When I came home my kettlebell had arrived so I was finally able to get back to the 10k kettlebell challenge. 

Before going to the gym I spent some time talking with my grandparents. After they heard about my seizure last week I had talked to them but they’re still concerned so they wanted to call to check in on me. 

Though I talk to them often, having them call to check in on me made me remember when I was first recovering. They would call me every day or so to make sure that I was feeling ok. And still, nearly 16 months later, they tell me about how they friends have me on their prayer lists at church. 

After stretching and warming up with 2 minutes of rope work, I did 16 sets of 25 reps followed by 2 sets of 50 reps with my 40 lb kettlebell. I took 30 seconds rest during each set with a full minute of rest after every 100 reps. 

I was able to accomplish the swings in around 31 minutes which is longer than my best time but not bad after 1.5 weeks off.  

Overall I felt great with no pain in my knee and without any tightening in my lower back. My grip and forearm took a beating which I enjoyed. 

With today’s workout I am now at 7,500 reps and only have 2,500 reps left (5 workouts).