Day 528: Finding Out How My Friends Called Laura

When I crawled into bed last night I realized that I had lost my UP2 fitness band somewhere. Earlier in the day I had reached out to Jawbone Support due to the band splitting. Before they could reply, it disappeared. 

I know that it happened last night but we can’t find it anywhere in our apartment so I am guessing it was lost while walking Sasha. 

I can track my steps using my Apple Watch, though there was consistently a difference of approximately 1,500 steps between my watch and my fitness band. However, I won’t be able to track my sleep until I decide whether or not I want to invest in another band. 

As usual for Tuesday, my day was filled with a lot of meetings. In between the meetings I was chatting with a couple of people who were with me last week when I had my seizure, including one friend who I didn’t see yesterday. 

I learned that after I had stopped seizing but before I regained consciousness they used my thumb to unlock my phone so that they could call Laura from my number. She hadn’t answered the phone when they tried using another number that was unknown to her so they figured they’d try from my phone. 

I’m not sure that doing something like that would have ever occurred to me if the tables were turned but I am so happy that they thought of that. 

I also took a few minutes to call the restaurant that we were dining at when the seizure happened. I wanted to thank the staff for everything they had done. My friends told me that the restaurant staff had acted with the upmost professionalism and were really helpful throughout the entire experience. Fortunately, the manager that was working tonight was the manager who was working that night. 

When we got home I headed next door to the gym for, what I thought, would be a great HIIT workout. 

After warming up with 2 minutes of rope, I started my workout but a couple of minutes in I felt pain in my (bad) right knee. I tried pushing through it but the pain was persistent so I stopped. 

I still wanted to spike my heart rate so I did 10 rounds of speed rope work (20 seconds ON/10 seconds OFF). 

While it wasn’t what I had planned, I was still able to get in a minor sweat. I will have to see how my knee feels tomorrow. I may take tomorrow and Thursday as rest days depending on how I’m feeling.