Day 526: A Much Needed Normal Sunday

When I woke up I headed over to our community gym to get in a cardio workout. I tackled another workout from BJ Gaddour and Men’s Health. 

The video offered a few variations. Instead of doing only one through all 20 rounds, I switched them up to keep my body constantly guessing. By the end of it I was drenched in sweat which felt great. 

When Laura woke up we headed out to run a long list of errands including the fun of Costco. It’s always a zoo in there but we survived it. 

We spent time cleaning our house, taking down our Christmas tree (finally!) and putting away our Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and gift bags. 

This all sounds like basic things that most couples do on the weekend but it has felt good to be back to a more normal schedule this weekend. There are still minor inconveniences such as not being able to drive but that comes with having another seizure. 

This week we will start to figure out the adjustments we’ll need to make with our work schedules. I will likely start going in and staying a bit later to accommodate Laura’s schedule. 

I will also need to decide if I’m going to workout in the morning before work since I’ll be leaving later or keep going after work, depending on what time we end up getting home.  

Fortunately, our offices are only about 15 minutes from each other but it will still add time onto Laura’s drive each day. I have had several colleagues to offer to pick me up and I can take the light rail which drops off around 0.5 miles away. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to reach out. I’m putting this minor hurdle behind us and will continue pushing forward.