Day 525: Right Back to Working Out

It was the third night in a row since my seizure that I was able to get greater than 7 hours of sleep.  

Focusing on my sleep has been something that has been important to me but it’s taken on even greater importance since finding out that the lack of it was likely a contributing factor to my seizure this week. 

For the first time in a week I headed out to get in a workout. I didn’t take the time while I was in Vegas and then took a couple of days to recover once coming back home. 

I had a few people comment that I jumped back into working out so soon after my seizure but even the delay of a couple of days drove me crazy. 

Since I can’t drive and didn’t want to bother Laura with bringing me to the gym, I went next door to our community gym. After stretching out I performed a 30 minute tabata workout from BJ Gaddour, the fitness director for Men’s Health. 

In an effort to bring even more normalcy back to our lives, we went out for lunch and to see “13 Hours”. It was a fantastic movie and was nice to see it after just finishing the book this week. 

When we came home from the movie there was a big “get well" fruit and chocolate basket from our marketing team. It was a wonderful gesture and made us smile. 

We decided to stay in tonight and put our Vitamix to work. We made jalapeño and cheese quesadillas, salsa, guacamole and frozen margaritas. 

It was a balanced night for sports with the Patriots winning but the Warriors losing. Either way, it was fun to watch a couple of games before watching a few more episodes of Homeland. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day of running errands for the first time this year. With traveling back to CT and then going to Vegas we haven’t had a chance to really refill our fridge. We also have to take down our Christmas tree - something else that we’re behind on.