Day 524: Back to Fighting Strength

I woke up today feeling completely like myself for the first time in the last couple of days. I was surprised to not be as fatigued as I usually am on my final full day of chemo. 

After 1.5 days of resting, I decided to get back up to full speed. It felt good to sit at my desk, check in with everyone at work and start getting caught up paperwork and projects. 

Throughout the day I had several people reach out to ask why I was working instead of binge-watching a TV series. If I hadn’t been feeling 100% then I would have taken another day to rest. I did start to get tired around 3:00p so I wound down my day. 

One reason for being tired, I believe, is because I haven’t worked out since last Saturday. That coupled with being on chemo and having a seizure has made me easily tired throughout the day. 

When Laura came home we decided to head out for a date night. After the week that we’ve had, enjoying boneless wings, fries and beer sounded like perfection. 

While we were at dinner we talked about the frustration that I feel from having the seizure earlier this week. 

It’s frustrating that we’re not able to put the seizures completely behind us. It’s frustrating not knowing if every time I stutter or have trouble finding a word, if it’s another seizure starting. It’s frustrating that I can’t drive for another three months. And there are several other frustrations.  

Laura has offered to bring me to the gym tomorrow but I want to let her sleep in so I am planning on going next door to our community gym to get in a workout. I really need to sweat for a while to feel better. 

I’m looking forward to having a relaxing weekend before heading back into the office on Monday.