Day 522: Tired, Sore and Getting Rest

When I woke up and started reading the dozens of texts, DMs, messages and emails as well as the 100+ comments on Facebook, I had tears well up in my eyes. It reminded me of when I was initially in the hospital for my shoulder and brain surgeries. The outpouring of support was incredible and touching. 

It has been a scary experience for both of us, especially since I was traveling. My previous seizures all took place with Laura around. This time she had to wait by a phone for each next phone call to come in. 

I talked with both our neuro-oncologist and neurologist, including uploading the cat-scan images from last night to them. Though it’s hard to tell exactly what caused the seizure, they think it was a combination of sleep deprivation and being on chemo, even though that combo has happened in the past. 

Our neurologist said that the likelihood of having another seizure declines the further out I get between seizures so, unfortunately, we have hit the reset button on that for now. That means that it’s back to counting one day, one week and one month without a seizure as a success. 

Having another seizure also means that my license is revoked for another three months. Laura will have to drop me off and pick me up at work and we’ll have to make some other changes to our schedule such as with me going to the gym. We will also likely have to meet with the DMV again after the three months to get my license reinstated. 

I spent the majority of the day just binge-watching TV and checking in with friends and family. I laid down to take a late afternoon nap and recover a bit since my body is still tired and a bit sore. 

Tonight I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal sleep schedule and continuing to rest tomorrow. I’ll see how I’m feeling on Friday before trying to get back to work. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment out of their day to check in on me - it means everything to us.