Day 521: My First Seizure in 14 Months

After 14 months I had my fourth seizure tonight while at a dinner with friends. Just like the previous times, I felt like I was drowning as I tried to look around and yell out to someone until I blacked out.

From what I was told, it was approximately 20 minutes before I came to and by then the fire department and paramedics were at the restaurant prepping me for transport to the ER.

Once at the hospital they ran blood work, took a cat-scan and gave me a bag of fluids along with another anti-seizure medication through the IV.

Thankfully one of my friends and colleagues rode in the ambulance to the ER while another friend/team member took a taxi there. They also had our event management team break into my hotel room to get my anti-seizure, anti-nausea and chemo meds.

The cat-scan came back negative and after consulting with our neuro-oncologist at UCSF, they decided to prescribe a third anti-seizure medication for me to start taking.

They think it could have been a lack of sleep over the past week with our flight back from CT getting in late and then a couple of later nights while in Vegas while having to time out my chemo meds.

I booked myself on an earlier flight tomorrow so that I can get back home. And one of my friends/team members changed his flight to fly home with me so that I won’t be alone, just in case.

Now that I’m back in my hotel room my body is starting to get sore after having all of my muscles fire at once during the seizure.

It’s time for me to take my chemo meds and get ready to crash so that I can get as much sleep as possible.

Tomorrow Laura is going to meet me at the airport so that she can drive me home. We’re not sure if my license is going to be revoked again but it’s safer to have her drive for right now.

I plan on resting for tomorrow and then will take the rest of the week day-by-day.

I am fortunate to have the most understanding, caring and amazing team at work. They are more than colleagues and more than friends. They are family.

From the very second my seizure happened, the seven people I was at dinner with, my boss and several other team members sprang into action, started coordinating with each other, calling Laura to keep her updated and so much more. It’s not every day that you get to work with such an amazing group of people and I am fortunate to have them in our lives.