Day 520: Kicking Off Citrix Summit

Though I only woke up once, I didn’t get a great night of sleep. It’s hard for me to sleep well when staying in a hotel room ever since we bought our new mattress, even though that was around 6 years ago. 

When I woke up I had to sit on the edge of the bed for a minute before standing up. During my week on chemo I always need that moment to take a deep breath before getting the day underway. 

Today was the first day of our conference which kept us busy between monitoring social mentions during the keynote, working with our photographer to select and upload our event photos, staff our PR and Social Media Center and many other responsibilities. 

I didn’t experience any fatigue that I could attribute to the chemo. I was tired during the day but that was due to not sleeping well and running around all day long. 

We had a welcome reception tonight that lasted until 9p. Since several of us were hungry following the event we ended up going out to dinner. Unfortunately, due to the timing, that meant that I didn’t finish my meal until 10:15p. 

Usually that wouldn’t be a big deal with the exception of not wanting to eat that late. However, when I’m on chemo I can’t go to sleep for two hours after eating. One hour after eating I have to take my anti-nausea medication followed by waiting another hour to then take the chemo.  

Tonight that means that I will not be able to fall asleep until after 12:30a which is much later than I was planning on. 

At least I know that there is an end in sight with only one more round once we finish this one later this week. 

I haven’t made the time to get in a workout the past couple of days but at least I have logged close to 30,000 steps over those two days.