Day 518: Pushing Through Soreness

When I woke up this morning I could barely feel the lower half of my body after the 200 box jumps last night. Though I spent time rolling out my body last night, my legs, hips and lower back were still tight. 

I wanted to push through the soreness so I decided to do the 500 kettlebell swings and add in 100 goblet squats (18kg). I did 20 rounds of 25 swings followed immediately by 5 goblet squats. I tried keeping rest time to a minimum but it continued to get longer as time went on. 

I am now 7,000 swings into the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. I have felt my overall strength, endurance and grip strength improve during the challenge - all goals of mine. 

Throughout the day I could feel each one of those box jumps and goblet squats with every step I took, especially climbing the stairs to our apartment. 

Laura and I went out for bagels and over to Starbucks to start out our late morning before running a couple of errands. We then spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on several episodes of Homeland while relaxing. 

Since we were flying on New Year’s Eve, tonight we made several of the dishes we typically make for New Year’s Eve paired with Armand de Brigand (aka “Ace of Spades”) champagne which I had bought Laura for her 30th birthday. 

We settled in for a movie night complete with popcorn and movie candy. We decided to watch Jurassic World since we hadn’t seen it since watching it in the theater. 

As we were getting ready to watch the movie we realized it was our first time having popcorn in our apartment even though we have lived here for a year. 

Tomorrow morning I fly to Vegas for a few days for our annual Citrix Summit conference. It will be a fast paced few days but still nothing like how Citrix Synergy is in May. 

It will, hopefully, be my last time traveling while on chemo since my last round of chemo will be before we go on vacation to Tahoe next month.