Day 517: Kettlebell Swings and Box Jumps

Keeping our bedroom door closed last night worked to keep Sasha from chewing on the section of carpet that she was enjoying the previous two nights.  

After being woken up multiple times overnight this week, I was finally able to sleep a complete night without waking up. That coupled with being able to sleep in since I worked from home helped me to get back on track with achieving my sleep goal. 

I only had two meetings today but, in addition to dealing with two high priority issues, we also had a lot of planning to tie up for our partner and sales conference. I head to Vegas on Sunday for the three day event and social is integrated throughout it. 

Coming off of yesterday’s rest day I felt strong heading to the gym so I decided to add in 24” box jumps again as I had last week. 

I completed 20 rounds of 25 kettlebell swings (18kg) and 10 box jumps (24”) for a total of 500 swings and 200 box jumps in 55 minutes. That brings me to 6,500 total swings out of the 10,000 that we’re tackling. 

To say that it was hard would be an understatement but I love pushing my body past what I think is possible. The 500 swings I knew I could accomplish, of course, but the 200 box jumps was 75 more than I had ever accomplished before in one workout. 

My left shoulder wasn’t sore at all which made me happy because I was worried that I had tweaked it, even though I knew that some of it was because of the cold weather back east and the wet weather here. 

I heard from our team at UCSF that I have the green light to start the 11th round of chemo on Sunday. Once this round is completed I will only one final round to complete in February. 

The year has gone by much quicker than we thought it would when we first made the decision to go on chemo. And we know that it is working based on the ongoing MRIs. 

We’re also very glad that my body has handled it as well as it has. I’ve been fortunate to only have to deal with losing my hunger and fatigue as the main side effects during the weeks that I have been on chemo.