Day 515: Dealing with a Sick Dog

Though I went to bed earlier than usual after only getting 4.5 hours of sleep the previous night, I ended up waking up at 3:30a to the sound of Sasha throwing up. I cleaned up after her and then crawled back into bed only to be woken back up at 5:30a to the same sound. 

Yesterday morning I found a box of dark chocolate caramels that she had gotten into. We’re not sure how many of the chocolates she ate because there were still several leftover but we believe it was only a few squares. 

It took a while to work through her system. When I came home from work tonight she had thrown up another six times during the day. 

I’m hopeful that she does better overnight tonight. I’m going to call our vet in the morning no matter what since chocolate, especially dark, can be deadly. 

I had another busy day of meetings but nothing too outside of the ordinary.  

After work I went to the gym for another 500 kettlebell swings. Now that I’m back into my groove I improved my time by 7 minutes over yesterday. 

Instead of doing five rounds of 25-25-50 reps, I decided to do 20 rounds of 25 reps with 30 second rests in between each round. I was able to complete my workout in 28 minutes. 

My left shoulder is feeling, for the most part, better. I still have some soreness but that could be from the constant rain that we’ve had the last couple of days. 

Tomorrow morning I have to get my Day 28 blood work done so that I can start my chemo on Sunday.  

I have to travel Sunday through Wednesday meaning that I’ll only be home for one night of this round of chemo. 

I have traveled during a round of chemo before and even though I have been fortunate enough to not be crippled by the chemo, I’d prefer to be home while I’m on it. I just have to monitor my energy and when I have my last meal of the day more carefully than I do when I’m home.