Day 514: Resetting of Health Insurance Deductible

Starting my first work day of 2016 on 4.5 hours of sleep with 5.5. hours of back-to-back meetings is not my idea of an ideal day but it’s what today had in store. 

I was supposed to go for my Day 28 blood work but decided to take care of it either tomorrow or Thursday. As long as it gets done by Thursday then I’ll be all set to start chemo on Sunday, assuming the blood work comes back fine. 

Even though I was in meetings all day, it was a productive day. It’s always nice when days have a good flow to them and today was one of them. 

After taking four days off while back in CT, I headed to the gym on my way home from the office.  

Whereas last week I completed an additional movement in between kettlebell swing sets, today I only performed the 500 swings (5,500/10,000) using a 18kg (45lb) kettlebell. It took me roughly 35 minutes to complete which was an increase of approximately 10-12 minutes over my best time. 

I had taken my pre-workout drink and had my protein bar on my way to the gym but I didn’t have as much energy as usual. I think the majority of that had to do with how little sleep I had gotten last night. 

On my way home I stopped to pick up a refill of two of my anti-seizure medications. Since a new year  has started that means that our health insurance deductible reset. The total out-of-pocket cost for the two medications was $900. 

Fortunately, we still have money left from the donations that so many were gracious enough to make when I was initially in the hospital 16 months ago. So, for those who may have been wondering, those donations are still actively being used for my ongoing medical treatment. 

With how little sleep we got last night I am looking forward to crashing hard tonight before another busy day gets underway tomorrow.