Day 513: Flying Back to SFO

We went to sleep later than usual as we took time to enjoy our final night sitting in front of my in-laws’ Christmas tree. Couple that with waking up earlier than we usually do so that we could say bye to Laura’s dad before he went to work meant not getting as much rest as I had planned. 

It was a low key morning spent getting ready to drive back down to New Jersey. We had to drop Laura’s grandmother off at her house before we headed over to the airport. 

Fortunately we arrived at the airport before the crush of NYC area rush hour traffic hit. 

Everything with the day went smooth until we boarded our plane to find out that we had a 90-minute delay due to bad weather in San Francisco. Since we were already on the plane we just took our seats for a while before they decided to board the rest of the passengers. 

After driving around on the tarmac for a while they finally cleared us for takeoff. Luckily, once we were up in the air, our captain told us that they had increased speed so that we will get in on time into SFO. 

That makes me very happy because once we land we still have another 1.5 hours before we’ll get to fall asleep, including getting tackled by Sasha. 

As of now we won’t make it to bed until 12:30a or so. I’m hoping that it’s not any later since tomorrow is the first day back to work with everyone and everything back at full speed. 

Throughout the day I’ve been experiencing deep muscle pain in my left shoulder and down into my elbow. It’s not soreness from working out since I haven’t worked out in four days. Instead, I think it’s my shoulder being negatively affected from the cold weather. 

Today was by far the coldest weather we have experienced since last Thanksgiving when we were back east. Temperatures were hovering around 20-30 degrees for the majority of the day and I think that has caused the pain in my shoulder. 

It’s interesting because whenever I’ve had pain it has always been in my left shoulder, never in my right. My left shoulder is the one with the two screws and the one that was more injured as a result of  the seizures. However, it is also the one that I have more range of motion in and that seemed to heal up faster. 

I’m hoping that getting back home will help it to feel better before my workout tomorrow.