Day 512: Emma’s First Birthday

Even though our windows are closed at home thus blocking out most of the street noise, there is something about sleeping at my in-laws’ house that is so peaceful. There are no sounds outside and the house is quiet, with the exception of when my niece wakes up during the night. 

Our third and final day of celebration began from the moment we woke up. Today was our niece, Emma’s, first birthday. As soon as I turned the corner and she saw me I got the biggest smile from her. 

My sister-in-law bought great safari-themed decorations for the dining room which were similar to her safari-themed room in NYC. 

We had a pizza party from my in-laws’ favorite pizza restaurant. Before having delicious red velvet cake and singing happy birthday to her, she opened her birthday presents which were a mix of toys and keepsakes.  

While I’m sure she’ll enjoy her toys, I think she had more fun chewing on the paper straws and playing with the balloons. She always has high energy but it was funny to see the sugar rush of frosting and cake hit her. 

As I watched her play, I thought about all of the learnings and experiences she has ahead of her in life. 

We have seen her grow from a two week old baby when we first ever held her to now walking around, understanding basic questions and all of the other things that she has learned in just a year. 

I didn’t workout again today, my third day in a row. My chest is still sore to the touch from the 250 push-ups and my left shoulder is still acting really cranky - I may have pushed it too far. 

I’m not planning on working out tomorrow so I am really looking forward to getting back to it on Tuesday evening, especially after a very long and full day back at work with everything back in overdrive. Besides a busy day of meetings I also have to get my Day 28 blood work. 

Tomorrow is our final morning before making the trek down to Newark for our flight back to San Francisco. We won’t get home until late tomorrow night but this trip has been worth every minute and I am really glad that we were able to do it.