Day 510: My Niece’s and Godchild’s Christening

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see any fireworks during takeoff and our flight crew wasn’t much in the celebratory mood (hint: they didn’t even say “Happy New Year”) so it was a fairly anti-climatic way to kick off 2016. 

I was able to sleep for the majority of the flight but, like any red-eye flight, you are sleeping sitting up while flying in a metal tube. It has made me feel like a zombie throughout the day but I was still able to power through. 

When I woke up, my upper back, shoulders and chest were sore from yesterday’s kettlebell swings and push-ups workout. I’m expecting to be even more sore tomorrow morning once delayed onset muscle soreness sets in.  

My shoulder is feeling better so that lacrosse ball must have worked out those kinks/popping that I was feeling. 

Though there wasn’t any traffic on the highway, it still took us a few hours to get to CT since we stopped to pick up Laura’s grandmother on our way from the airport. 

By the time we got to the house we immediately had to turn around to start getting ready for my niece/godchild’s christening. There was a lot of prep work that we needed to do before heading to the church. 

I have never been to or participated in a christening before so it was a great experience to be part of. We only had our immediate family there including my niece’s great grandmothers. I know that some christenings have very large groups of people but it was nice to have a small family gathering. 

We came back to the house for a formal dinner where we stayed all dressed up and enjoyed cheese, crackers, champagne, a wonderful meal followed by a fantastic cake.  

As the day winds down it is becoming increasingly harder for me to keep my eyes open. I’m sure that with a good night of sleep in a bed tonight that I will feel more lively.