Day 508: 500 Kettlebell Swings + 125 Box Jumps 

After Laura left for work I headed over to the gym for the second kettlebell swing workout in a row. 

With dropping the weight back down to 18kg (40lbs) I was able to complete all 500 reps unbroken. 

The lower back pain that I was feeling had gone away. I took more time between sets/rounds to stretch out my shoulders, back and glutes to ensure that I was able to get through the 500 reps. 

I am now 4,500 reps in to the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. 

Whereas I did 10 bodyweight squats in between each round yesterday for a total of 50 squats, today I completed 25 box jumps (22” box) between rounds. In the end I completed 125 box jumps in total. 

My body was like jello by the end of my workout and I collapsed on the blue mats for a few minutes to recover. 

Tomorrow, for my final workout of 2015, my friend’s trainer challenged him to complete 500 push-ups along with his 500 swings. Of course, me being me, I accepted the challenge as well. Instead of doing them all during my workout, I will likely break them up throughout the day. 

I don’t think I have ever done 500 push-ups in a week before, never mind in a single day. Even if I don’t hit the goal of 500, it will still be better than none. 

When I came home I had to bang out more contract, finance and admin workout before changing and meeting Laura for lunch. 

While over near Laura’s office I had to pick up her second birthday gift as well as my niece’s birthday gift. 

Tonight Laura opened her gifts from me and one that her sister had sent back so that we didn’t have to truck them out and back from CT, especially since there will be even more gifts there including Christmas gifts that our family has for us. 

Tomorrow night, instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve, we will be boarding a flight to fly back to CT for a long weekend. In fact the flight is scheduled to depart at 11:55p. 

I surprised Laura with a trip back for her birthday which is on Saturday. While we’re there we are also attending our niece’s christening and celebrating her birthday on Sunday.