Day 506: A Quiet and Productive Monday

After five days of not having to set an alarm, it was rough waking up at 5:45a this morning but I was happy that I still managed eight hours of sleep.  

Figuring that traffic would be even slower this week, with so many taking the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, I took the highway to work. It only took me 16 minutes to get to the office this morning. It was the fastest I have ever made it during rush hour. 

While driving into work and when I first got there I listened to a phenomenal interview that Tim Ferriss conducted with Amelia Boone

At 32 years old, not only is she a full-time lawyer at Apple, but she has won more than 30 obstacle course races including 50 podium finishes. She has won the Spartan World Championship and is the only three-time winner of the World’s Toughest Mudder. She has also finished the Death Race three times.  

In short: she’s pretty freaking amazing and makes all of us look bad, no matter how fit we are. 

I highly recommend carving out the time to listen to this episode because she talks about her training, nutrition, balancing a full-time job with competing and much more. 

There ended up only being five other people on our entire floor this morning and only one of our interns on our team. 

It was nice because it gave me time to focus with complete quietness, especially with only a few emails popping in - far cry from the normal craziness. 

I ended up leaving around 11a to finish the rest of my work day from home. The change of scenery helped me to tackle another few end of year tasks that were looming overhead. 

We had another two people join the 10,000 kettlebell swings challenge since last night thus bringing our total up to 10 people which is pretty awesome. 

Today was my rest day but I’ll be back at it tomorrow. I will end up doing three workouts in a row this week since we’re flying back to CT overnight on New Year’s Eve. 

Tomorrow morning I have to go for my Day 21 blood work for my 11th round of chemo and one step closer to finishing this next chapter.