Day 501: On the Eve of Christmas Eve

Since I worked from home today I was able to wake up without my alarm clock, much like I usually do on the weekends. Though I’m sure it confused Sasha, it was nice for me to get an extra hour of sleep before taking her out. 

The day was very slow with only one scheduled meeting and everything else coming to a screeching halt. I was able to use the downtime to process even more financial and admin paperwork. It never seems to end this past week. 

Even though I worked from home, I ran over to my office to pick up a gift that had been delivered late yesterday.  

After wishing our Receiving team and a member of our Cafe staff a Merry Christmas, I met Laura for lunch.  

During the holidays and on Fridays, being able to meet Laura for lunch is something that I really look forward to. It is a nice break during the day. 

Today was my rest day after the last two days of 500 kettlebell swings per workout. I used some of that time to roll out my back with my foam roller and other mobility gear. 

When Laura came home tonight we decided to head out for dinner since we’ll be cooking large meals the next two days. 

I’ll be working from home again tomorrow, though it’ll be another quiet day with so many people spending time with their families. 

I will be heading to the gym when I wake up in the morning since the gym closes at 2p for the holiday. I am really enjoying this kettlebell challenge as it is giving me the opportunity to master the swing while also pushing my strength and cardio conditioning.