Day 500: 500 Days of Tracking This Journey

This is my 500th update tracking my journey from that fateful day on August 10, 2014. That’s beyond crazy to me. 

I have never missed an update even when, at times, I have had to type one at 2:00a like the night that we got to our NYC hotel after coming back from St. Lucia.  

I have found it a rewarding experience because others have found these daily updates to be inspirational. Several people tell me that it is the very first thing they read in the morning. 

That still blows my mind because I just share what has happened in my day and what we’re going through at any given phase. 

I have also found it rewarding because every day I get Facebook’s “On This Day" and my Timehop update which allows me to see where we were at this point last year. For example, one year ago today we received our initial call and email from the UCSF fertility team so that we could start setting up those appointments before starting chemo. 

Today I had another quick drive into work with it only taking me 35 minutes including a stop for gas. It sounds pretty basic but, again, when it takes you 45-60 minutes to go 13 miles on a daily basis, anything below that is fantastic. 

I blew through a few early morning meetings before heading out of my office. It was even slower today than it was yesterday with so many people winding down for the holiday. 

I headed over to the gym for my fourth 500 kettlebell swings workout bringing me to a total of 2,000 out of the 10,000 swings for the challenge. 

Thanks to my buddy, Joe Sorge, I changed the sets to 25-25-50 reps x 5 rounds instead of 10-15-25-50 reps x 5 rounds. 

One of my goals was to complete every rep in every round unbroken which was something that I haven’t been able to do during the other three workouts. With dropping the weight by 4 kg to 16 kg (35 lbs), today I was able to accomplish that goal. 

By switching up the sets, the weight and reducing my rest periods between each set and round, I was able to shave 16 minutes off of my time from yesterday coming in at 28:05 minutes. 

Tomorrow will be my rest and recovery day before getting in another 500 swings on Christmas Eve.